Anti Nuisible Bio aims to be an actor in current climate challenges. For this, in addition to traditional methods, we offer organic and ecological solutions, which we favor.

The team, trained in the most innovative, non-toxic and environmentally friendly methods, acts in your home in a way that is supposed to eradicate pests. The advice given during the interventions will also help you keep the right reflexes to avoid any resurgence.

Finally, our eco-responsible values ​​are equally reflected in the choice of committed partners and suppliers.


New process, faster, healthier, more efficient, guaranteed result

In our desire to always push our commitment to respecting the environment and improving our treatments, we have decided to evolve our way of proceeding in the treatment of bedbugs.

The principle of heat treatment for bedbugs is to distribute heat up to 55 ° C evenly and in every nook and cranny in infected rooms.

A method whose effectiveness is incomparable compared to conventional treatments. The mortality rate observed with prolonged exposure from 48 ° C is 100%.

Cette façon totalement écologique et bio de traiter votre problème de punaises de lit ou puces de lit n’a que des avantages comme :

EFFECTIVE FORMULA: heat destroys 100% of the population in a few hours eliminates the insect at all its stages of development permanently

IMMEDIATE EFFECT: problem solved during the day

BIOCIDE FREE: use of Diatomaceous Earth (powder from a siliceous sedimentary rock called diatomite) and the heat produced by suitable and professional radiators

VERSATILE: no more use of chemicals, no more toxicity but also no risk of damage to your property

Before each operation, we carry out a complete diagnosis which allows us to assess the level of infestation and establish an effective action plan

for more informations, here is an overview of one of our interventions

COLD TREATMENT against insects. 

"a new "green"alternative 100% without biocide to fight"

The extremely cold spray freezes the insect down to - 45/ -50 degrees Celsius in seconds using a unique thermal process

Insects can slowly cool their temperature in order to survive winter, but the temperature cannot be adjusted in seconds. Insect bodies are made up of cells, most of which contain water, which immediately turns into ice crystals, bursting the cells within seconds.


  • EFFECTIVE FORMULA: The product has a purely thermal mode of action, which prevents the formation of resistance.
  • IMMEDIATE EFFECT: The targeted insects are not poisoned, but simply frozen. Due to the sudden cold, the cells of the insects, larvae or eggs burst, and the insect dies immediately.
  • BIOCIDE FREE: The spray without insecticide has a purely thermal action, so it can be used in any context, even in sensitive areas.
  • VERSATILE: The spray is used for the control of wasp nests, bed bugs, ants, silverfish, and many other insects...

ORGANIC TREATMENT against processionary caterpillars

Depuis peu, les chenilles processionnaires envahissent le Haut-Rhin. Hautement urticant et dangereux pour les animaux également, nous intervenons rapidement tout en respectant la nature. Sur Mulhouse, Colmar et dans les autres villes du Haut-Rhin et d’Alsace contactez nous.

Notre page dédiée vous donnera les renseignements nécessaires.

Voici quelques caractéristiques de nos produits.

• EFFECTIVE FORMULA : Completely natural, it does not contain chemicals. The biggest advantage is to preserve all the auxiliary insects.

• IMMEDIATE EFFECT: intoxication manifests itself by almost immediate paralysis of the digestive tract which leads to cessation of food intake.

• BIOCIDE FREE: It is indeed harmless to bees and all other pollinating insects. It is also safe for other animals, such as pets, as well as fish.

• VERSATILE : Used in organic gardening, it does not pollute the soil or the environment. It does not leave a mark on the plants that are treated, which is why it can be used during flowering and until harvest.